Many years we buy our eggs from a local farmer and hatch them in the incubator for the 21 days required.  We have also had wonderful results from the freedom rangers we ordered from Pensilvania.  We bought some very similar ones from white rock last year with very good results. They are also a heritage blend, breed.

This year we bought them hatched, day old.

This is on the way home.


As soon as I take them home I have a fresh waterer for them. (I add about 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to a gallon of water. To keep the parasites etc away 🙂 ) I give them each a drink as soon as they arrive.

I open up a an empty feed bag or two and spread it flat, (a few layers of newspaper would work too.) I put some scoops of feed onto it underneath the heat lamps  for a day or two then I put it into the feeder. (It’s just a little more natural for them to be able to scratch and peck on the floor. ) Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this step.



We start them with milk kefir or clabbered milk.



We had some turkey eggs hatch, so I put them together with the chicks. This is a blue slate turkey poult.


Here they are at about 2 weeks old, lounging in fresh hay. I have found that layering hay as needed to keep their bedding clean has worked best for us.

We are happy with  feed from, In Season Farms, in Abbotsford that is both organic and soy free.


This is our most recent chicken tractor we have been using & loving. It is easy to move , and provides fresh air, sunshine & protects them from predators & the elements.



Here they are ready for processing. The horse and sheep are on the other side of the chicken tractor, this picture is a little unclear. But you can see an idea of how it works.

This flock of chickens was more a hybrid variety, We usually grow the heritage breed, but decided to go for these as I missed my window of opportunity with the heritage breeds I wanted. They are from Rossdown farms, I think, in Abbotsford BC Canada. If you need to know exactly, I can look it up for you, just ask me know in the comments.

Let me know what you think or if you if you have any questions or something to add.