Mom and puppies are eating a raw natural diet, including milk kefir, raw eggs, organic meat etc.  I also add a little raw apple cider vinegar to their water.  ACV is effective in helping with various dog health issues and I believe keeping many problems away. ACV has anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, & detoxifying properties. It is good for the skin, joints, for digestion and more.You can read more at

I believe a natural diet is essential  to growing strong bones and long term health in general. Another product I recommend is called diatomaceous earth. It is good for deworming naturally, flea control and is also about 80% silica, so again great for  growing bones and keeping them strong and healthy. Here is the link, go to pets, there is also much information on human health as well. If you like healthy alternatives, it’s realy great reading 🙂 I have read in the past of sibling puppies, one fed raw & natural and the othe fed ordinary kibble. The one on raw food grew larger and more vigorous, compared to the one on kibble.

When I come across the studies again, I will include them over here. I would love to hear from my readers about the benefits of raw foods for puppies and adult dogs.






…puppy love…





Here is our lovely golden girl (Chevra). She is such an amazing friendly and sweet personality! She also makes an amazing mother. Here the puppies aren’t even hours old. They all were so chunky at birth and latched on immediately getting their share of colostrum. and the baby sounds they make…soo cute…

She is pictured on the table top as well. She had her first 7 puppies on nov. 21 2015.

Chevra is the most fun dog we have ever had! She amazes me with her patience and endurance with our family. If kids are on the trampoline, she insists being up there with them. The younger kids grab her leash and roller blade behind her. She is just fun and full of good energy.

It’s hard to believe for a farm girl this was the first litter of puppies we’ve ever had! We didn’t even have any when I was growing up on the farm. Well I guess that makes this all the more exciting!




Here is her first boyfriend. He is a standard poodle and friendly… of course, we saw the results. They are cute though right?



Let me know what you think & if you’re interested in any updates.

Till next time,