Hi there gardeners,

You don’t have to wait till spring to start gardening, and you can probably apply some of these ideas for container gardening as well, if you don’t have a space in your backyard. Or even your front yard, or where ever it is you plant your seeds or do your gardening… I just want to mention a video I highly recommend to watch. It’s called Back to Eden, and you can find it on you tube or use the link  I have provided (By clicking the image above). Paul talks about mulching and the many benefits of it. You don’t have to stick to one kind of mulch, just use whatever is free and abundant in your area. Some of the benefits are less weeds, less watering, and more nutritious produce.  Please check it out & send it to a friend. It realy is worth a watch. I know I have quite a few times.

Let me know what you think, or if you have something to add.

Till next time!