I’m Anna!

I am the wife of a wonderful husband, who has been my biggest support, a mother to 5 children, who are my greatest sunshine and reason for living naturally. Most importantly, I am immeasuralby blessed to be a daughter of God!

After our 5th child was born, he had failure to thrive and more complications, but the many doctors we took him to always suggested more tests, and vaccinations, but there were never any solutions that worked. After much prayer & research, we cleaned out all things unnaturally processed from our kitchen and decided to do the gaps protocol. Although we are no longer doing gaps, the change we experienced convinced me not to look back, despite how time confusing it can be at first.  Now we are eating  traditionaly, the way our ancestors ate.

Growing up quite poor, on a farm in Manitoba, my mother, who was truly a Proverbs 31 woman, was my role model. She taught me many things by example, still I wasn’t really prepared for  the challenge of raising a young family and running a small farm.

Growing up, I helped raise chickens, sheep, pigs, beef, milking cows, with butchering, gardening, preserving, and preparing things from scratch in the kitchen.

My goal is to provide my family with the healthiest food and lifestyle available and to help you do the same.

I have a passion for sharing things that have helped us, so my goal is to help you find better solutions to effectively help yourself without all the toxin and chemical laden products that are out there, and to live the way God meant for us to live.

Thank you for visiting my site. May we keep learning together.