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Kitchen & Laundry or stain stick

Kitchen & Laundry or stain stick

These bars smell of citronella & lemongrass.

They are long lasting...

These are a unique bar of soap, you don't want to use them on your skin. They are made with a 0% superfat. That just means they'll dry out your skin, but it also means that you won't have extra oils where you don't want them. Like on your laundry, dishes or whatever your cleaning.

We've had wonderful feedback, using it both as a stain stick, and for keeping next to the kitchen sink for dishes,

massaging a natural bristlebrush to get some suds going then scrub the dishes with the saturated brush.

We've also used it for years as a laundry powder. My method is using equal parts grated laundry soap, borax, & washing soda. I mix this in my blender, grated soap on top, borax or washing soda on the bottom , nearest the blades. 

(If you put the grated soap on the bottom, nearest the blades, it'll probably all get stuck in the bottom, and you'll have to scrape it out. Don't ask me why I know this :) )

 Pulse til fine. Wait till the powder settles, otherwise you may have a sneeze fit, or worse think it's smoking, just kidding, but there's a lot of fine powder floating around that wants to get out, so wait for it to settle - if you want to learn from the wise. LOL

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